#2 - The Rebellious Life is the Wasted Life.

posted Apr 11, 2016, 9:33 AM by Joel Toppen

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Key points include:
  • When you cannot receive instruction, the wasted life of rebellion is not far behind!

  • You can be filled with the Spirit of God and still end up wasting your life (Saul did this)!

  • Whenever you get out of your calling, the wasted life of rebellion is not far behind.

  • Pride is the gateway to rebellion.

  • Pride makes you a prisoner to other people's opinions; fear is the chain that binds you.

  • Rebellion is when you elevate human opinion over the Word of God. 

  • There is nothing more satanic than rebellion!

  • Rebellion is often masked by worship. 

  • Rebellion will deceive your own heart.

  • Rebellion will waste your life. 

  • If pride is the gateway to rebellion and the wasted life, then humbling yourself before God is the gateway to submission and the abundant life!

  • SUBMISSION is when you come under God's Mission!